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SquidFactor was created with one thought in mind: evening out the odds in the job market. Using aptitude tests is becoming increasingly common in recruitment and career assessments - for many companies it’s a standard to evaluate all candidates and employees.

A large number of the candidates get sorted out in these tests, although some of them could do a terrific job. So, for the sake of your career, make sure to be prepared for aptitude testing!

With SquidFactor’s individually adapted service, you’ll be more prepared than ever before. It takes a small effort, but what’s that compared to increasing the chances of reaching your dream job and caring for your career?

SquidFactor does the difficult part of the studies for you: selecting what to work with and at what level. The advanced algorithm chooses what will best increase your results, based on your own progress and the results and progress of thousands of others. A truly individually adapted and optimized learning experience.

The team behind SquidFactor has experience from psychometrics, mathematics, computer science and business development. Some are older, some are younger - but they're all burning to give you the tool to care for your career!


You learn by being challenged at the appropriate level. Through an individually adapted flow of questions and different types of feedback you’ll continuously be exposed to the proper level and move forward in each moment of learning.


To many people, aptitude tests are a difficult obstacle on the way to the dream job. Most people feel like they could do better in aptitude tests under other circumstances. SquidFactor doesn’t just make you more comfortable with the setting of aptitude tests, but also increases your problem solving ability.


SquidFactor allows you to learn wherever you are - in the traffic, at the coffee break, or at home with your computer. All you need is a screen with an internet connection and a couple of minutes at a time.



Only you will have access to your own results. SquidFactor is a tool to practice aptitude tests, it’s not a test in and of itself.

Yes, your progress can be tracked between sessions in the results page. You will also be able to compare your results to the results of people in the same situation as you - compare by age, industry, position, education level and more.

There are many many types of aptitude tests on the test market. SquidFactor currently has diagrammatic, inductive, numerical, verbal as well as abstract questions. A specialized feedback process is then provided to ensure understanding. We continuously develop the question and feedback database as well as the methods used. This way, all types of abilities tested in aptitude tests are covered and the range is broad enough to ensure you train your problem solving capacity.

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